COD: Mobile Worlds revealed by Activision Blizzard


Yesterday, Activision Blizzard revealed details regarding the Call of Duty: Mobile esports scene. After organizing national events, the Californian company decided to take a step further. The COD: Mobile World Championship 2020 will finally be an occasion for all players, wherever they are, to compete against each other. Starting off on April 30, COD: Mobile Worlds 2020 is going to gather a lot of players, which is good for the game’s exposure.

Every player can participate in these Open Online Qualifiers. They are in-game events starting on April 30. Individual performances are what is going to be the most important factor to progress to the final stage. On four weekends, each one of the first ten ranked games will earn players tournament points. The number of points contestants can gather will be different based on wins and ranks. By managing to reach eighty points in any of the four weekends, players will earn the right to advance to Stage 2.

COD: Mobile World Championship
COD: Mobile World Championship

Credits to Activision

At this point, Activision Blizzard has not announced much for what will be this COD: Mobile World Championship Stage 2. The only part unveiled is that players are going to form teams with other players and keep playing online matches. More information related to this phase of the tournament, like rules, cash prizes, and broadcasting, will be revealed later on the official Call of Duty website.

In order to ensure equality, players are not able to use external devices like a bluetooth controller or wired mouse. Also, playing on a desktop emulator is strictly forbidden.

By registering to Stage 1, players will receive an in-game reward. Reaching Stage 2 every weekend grants different rewards. Activision Blizzard did this to ensure that players will participate in all weekend events.

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