CEO Jud Hannigan says Allied Esports will only grow


One of the esports industry’s largest names, Allied Esports, a subsidiary of NASDAQ-traded Allied Esports Entertainment ($AESE), has seen its fair share of struggles in terms of its stock performance but a chat with CEO Jud Hannigan revealed how the company continues to grow and its future plans.

Allied Esports logo.
Allied Esports logo.

Image credit to Allied Esports.

While COVID-19 continues to spread in the US, companies that relied on in-person audiences struggle. But unlike many and despite stock value, Allied Esports is an example of a company that still saw growth in its operations.

When Las Vegas reopened early, Jud was unsure of what to expect after the period of inactivity at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas. He was pleasantly surprised to see over 40 people waiting to enter. Even during quarantine, Allied Esports saw massive increases in online event viewership. Their weekly Fortnite events even saw a 100% increase compared to Q1 earlier this year.

Jud predicts that society and quarantine restrictions will improve by Q3 of 2021. With that in mind, he and Allied Esports expect the company to once again see success as fans return to live events. Because of how positive online reception has been to their online tournaments, it’s a strong possibility too. This combined with the fact that the company takes measures to deep clean and sanitize all surfaces often makes this a near guarantee.

Allied Esports will see a comeback after COVID-19 despite decreasing stock.

Image credit to Allied Esports.

The premier esports entertainment company has worked for years in predominantly live events. Although the global pandemic created problems for Allied Esports, the brand quickly bounced back. Regional strategies for North America focused on live events but that quickly changed as quarantine restrictions tightened. Thankfully in esports and gaming, the format shifted to host online events instead.

Partnered with HyperX, a premier brand in gaming peripherals, Allied Esports continues to bring the community together through various partnerships thanks to a strong infrastructure for online events. A recent partnership with betting service VIE also saw success, further showing the positive growth seen. Working with Riot Games this Summer for a VALORANT Ignition Series tournament Odyssey certainly helped too. Even their HyperX Esports trucks in North America and Europe still see requests for events.

Considering that Allied Esports looks like it’s weathering the storm of the pandemic well, CEO Jud Hannigan’s belief that the company will come out stronger seems likely.

Esportz Network thanks Jud for his time and for sharing his thoughts on Allied Esports during these difficult times.

Written by Justin Amin

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