Call of Duty Modern Warfare July 21 patch notes


Infinity Ward just released the 21 July Call of Duty patch for all players, featuring new playlists and modes for Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and Warzone.

This Modern Warfare’s update brought back the 3v3 Gunfight — Snipers Only for all sniping fans to experience. Furthermore, developers finally listened to the community and also added back the Shoot the Ship playlist. After all, this playlist contains two of the most liked map of the game in Shipment and Shoot House. Reinfected Ground War, a larger version of Ground War, is tagging along this time. Finally, Cranked will bring tension and high-rhythm games to Modern Warfare.

Reinfected Ground War
Reinfected Ground War

Image credits to Activision

For Warzone, Plunder Trios and Warzone Rumble have been replaced by Plunder Quads. This game mode will be a standalone option alongside other playlists. Infinity Ward also communicated on the Duos Stimulus playlist, stating that it should be available for this upcoming weekend.

A few cosmetic bundles have appeared in the store. The “Racing Series: Mach 8” bundle is now available for players to enjoy. This bundle, inspired by racing, includes blueprints for the Autoclave SMG and Winner’s Circle Handgun, as well as two vehicle skins. In addition, there is a new vehicle horn that makes the iconic sound when a race is starting.

Call of Duty patch store bundles
Call of Duty patch store bundles

Image credits to Infinity Ward

Charly got a new look, coming with the “Earth Expeditionary Force” bundle. Inside it can be found a watch, weapon charm, calling card, and emblem. However, it also features don ‘The Outrider’ skin and the Legendary Colonial Standard LMG. Other bundles are now available, like the “Rainbow Tactical”, “Soft Sports”, or “The Professional”.

As a few influencers already received some content related to Season 5, this may be one of the last patches still related to Season 4. So, fans will be able to enjoy some fresh game modes before going into the next season.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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