Ballers Vote, Voters Game Warzone event


The NFL’s Cleveland Browns, MLS’s Columbus Crew SC, and Call of Duty League’s Florida Mutineers are teaming up to throw the Ballers Vote, Voters Game Warzone event.

This Warzone event celebrates voting in America and encourages voter participation. Fans who are registered to vote can get a chance to play Warzone with some of America’s biggest athletes. Between the NFL and MLS teams, they will select random fans to join their teams and compete.

In order to join the Ballers Vote, Voters Game Warzone event, interested fans must join a special Discord server. From there, the two teams randomly choose fans. Participants in the event also get special prizes to those preparing to vote. Hosted by Haslam Sports Group, this event is sure to engage youth and increase voter turnout.

“By engaging players and fans during this special event, Haslam Sports Group is excited to extend its non-partisan voting campaign efforts, along with the Florida Mutineers, to emphasize the importance of voting and to provide our community with important educational resources,” said Jenner Tekancic, VP of community relations for the Haslam Sports Group.

The live event starts October 26 at 7 PM CT. But the Discord server is open starting today to players for Florida Mutineers’ Warzone event. Though the main purpose of this server is to facilitate the event and team selections, it will also be used to help create non-partisan voter education for the community with promotions, events, and giveaways throughout October. In order to best help prepare for Election Day, the Ballers Vote, Voters Game Warzone event is the destination for fans.

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