Attacking as first Rainbow Six Siege crossover operator Sam Zero Fisher


On August 16, Ubisoft fully revealed Operation: Shadow Legacy and introduced the first R6S crossover operator, Sam Fisher. Known as Zero in Team Rainbow, Sam Fisher is a 2-speed 2-armor attacking operator. So far, he is the only one in the new training division called Rainbow Operation Staff.

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell franchise will be right at home with Zero’s primary weapon: the SC3000K, as it is a modified version of the Third Echelon’s SC3000 from Splinter Cell. The SC3000K is a bullpup rifle that excels in short and medium ranged gunfights. It has all attachments aside from the ACOG, which is replaced by the 1.5x scope. Players can also swap out the gun for Bandit’s MP7. Zero’s sole secondary weapon is the 5.7 USG, which is shared by the FBI operators and Nøkk. For his gadgets, he can choose to bring either a claymore or frag grenades.

The Argus Launcher, also seen in the Splinter Cell franchise, is a device that launches Argus cameras on to almost any surface, including reinforcements. Similar to Kali’s LV Explosive Lances, they can cause damage when burrowing on to the target. Every camera carries one shot of damage that can be used on gadgets and players alike. With the Twitch drone damage, Evil Eye damage, and gadget health nerf, the Argus cameras will probably do 1 damage to health. But unlike Twitch’s drones, the Argus cameras can detonate Goyo’s Volcan Shields, similar to Maestro’s Evil Eye lasers.

When deployed, the burrowing sequence has an obvious sound cue, alerting defenders that a camera is latching on to a surface.

As of now, R6S new operator Zero will be equipped with 4 Argus cameras on release.

Like with most attacking gadgets, electrified reinforced walls can destroy Argus cameras on contact. To get around the electricity, players can aim for the soft wall above reinforced walls. Mute’s signal disruptors can also jam any cameras within its radius. Like with any projectiles, Wamai’s Mag-NETs and Jäger’s ADS take out any launched cameras in range. Players can also shoot out the cameras once noticed.

Much in line with his stealthy playstyle from the Splinter Cell franchise, Zero is very much an intel gatherer in the support role. Zero can glean on-site information quickly or set up cameras watching enemy flanks. With hard breachers like Hibana or Thermite, Zero’s cameras can also be deployed to take out Signal Disruptors, Shock Wires, Electroclaws, and even Black Mirrors. Being able to clear defender gadgets puts Zero as a viable replacement for Thatcher. Entry fraggers can push into sites more confidently, especially with having prior knowledge on enemy’s positions and gadgets placements.

Sam “Zero” Fisher is out now on the Rainbow Six: Siege Test Server, along with the rest of Operation: Shadow Legacy. Depending on the feedback from the Test Server, there may be changes to the upcoming season.

Written by Emily Tang

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