Apex Legends Ramparts Abilities and Lore revealed

After being teased for a really long time, Rampart’s skill set has now been revealed. This new Apex Legends character is stocked with heavy defensive abilities that give camping a whole different meaning. Just after the new Apex Legends’ Season 6 trailer came out, Rampart’s reveal also took place.

From dealing business with criminals in the outlands to having everything she owned burned down, Rampart is the true definition of survival. Ramya Parekh has lived her life as a blue-collar, private business owner that has gotten her credit from the things she crafts. Before owning a business, she climbed up in popularity through her insane talent with weapon modding. After a while, she began to take job requests from smugglers, Syndicate members, and everyone in between.

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Image credits to Apex Legends

It only took some time before things happened as she dealt with dangerous people. Rampart found her business in shambles because of unknown assailants. Amid the destruction of her life’s work, she found an Apex-card. From that point on, Rampart decided to venture out into new fields of work, one with a lot more guns involved.

Rampart is a unique legend as she possesses defensive abilities that don’t turn the tide of a fight, but more control the current at the start. Her defensive skills help Rampart and her team station themselves in a favorable position with ease. She’s equipped with amplifying deployable walls, a stationary machine gun that rattles with a click, and a fast-loading and extensive ammo-capacity passive. Overall, Rampart, paired with other defensive legends, could prove the new bunker of Season 6.

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Image credits to Apex Legends

Rampart tosses a deployable crouch-cover wall that if shot through, amplifies projectiles, and if shot at, blocks each incoming bullet.

Keeping this master-modder safe, Rampart receives increased reloading speed and magazine capacity when using LMGs and the minigun.

Rampart places a mounted minigun called “Shiela” that anyone can use. Shiela has a high magazine, but a long reload time.

Overall, Rampart plays out to be the next big thing for Apex Legends’ ever-revolving meta. Her abilities make her out to be the perfect legend to have at any time as she provides defense and rapid offense. Mixing this legend with Loba, the previous season’s legend might mean that games will last longer as defensive legends are more prioritized, and safe gameplay is the new meta. However, fans will have to wait until Season 6 Boosted goes live to test out the unique character on August 18th.

Written by Jay Hunter

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