Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit Details


EA and Respawn have announced the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Winter Circuit. The ALGS Winter Circuit kicks off in January 2021 and features a $750 thousand prize pool. Lasting three months, the best Apex Legends esports teams worldwide will compete through regional online tournaments that lead to the main event in March.

The ALGS Winter Circuit is divided into four regional online tournaments from January 15 to March 17. It all leads towards the main playoffs from March 27–28. The event spans globally and features tournaments in six regions, APAC North, APAC South, North America, South America, Africa & Middle East and Europe. As the main playoffs approach, the latter will merge to form the EMEA region.

Scheduled and staged online, the first and second Winter Circuit Online Tournament (WCOT) kicks off in January. The third WCOT tournament commences the following month, while the fourth competition wraps up in March. Throughout these regional online tournaments, points will be tallied and used towards the main playoffs. Once done, each region’s dominating teams will advance into their respective regional playoffs that begin in late-March.

Each ALGS Winter Circuit WCOT competition awards the top ten teams with a share of the massive prize pool. The highest is the North American and European tournaments, which award first placed teams $6 thousand. On the other hand, the main playoff stage awards first ranking teams with a share between $48 thousand and $18 thousand, depending on the region.

This year’s Apex Legends Global Series Summer and Autumn events were entertaining, fresh and what the competitive scene needed. Whether it was growing grassroots talent or fortifying established skill, ALGS delivered. Fans and players alike can all agree that the Winter Circuit announcement only means more of the best for Apex Legends esports. Now that EA and Respawn will reform the new competitive series format, it means shorter runs and more fun — making it more of a season. The tournament will be played on Apex Legends Season 7.

Whether it’s intricate details or time conversions, find out more about the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit on the official website. Registration for the first event opens up on January 5 and concludes on January 14. Registration is available to all players who reached Gold IV Rank on PC in Series 6 Split 2. Fans can watch the event on the main Twitch or YouTube Channel.

Written by Jay Hunter

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