American Eagle sponsors EDGE Esports Summit


Gaming and esports company VY Esports announced yesterday the launch of its new entertainment platform, EDGE. EDGE stands for Experiential Development for Gaming and Esports and aims to connect different gaming communities. VY Esports will accomplish through its launch event, the EDGE Esports Summit, sponsored by American Eagle.

Occurring in one week, EDGE Esports Summit features the Los Angeles gaming community with a variety of speakers. Fans can listen to top esports and gaming icons speak about the industry and their careers. This is especially valuable for youth who hope to enter this industry.

Influencers and leaders like GamerDoc and Jess Brohard will lead the event speaking about mental health. Speakers from FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, and Riot Games already confirmed their presence. A live Madden esports event will also be shown, featuring two NFL stars.

“EDGE brings together pro gamers, influencers, and developers in a new way to share their experiences and give attendees the tools to create a promising future within their local gaming community,” said Oleg Butenko, CEO and founder of VY Esports. “We’re excited to partner with GameStop, UPROXX, and American Eagle to develop cutting-edge content and events.”

VY Esports hopes to match esports events thanks to EDGE Esports Summit.

Image credit to VY Esports.

Gamestop and UPROXX will be strategic partners for EDGE Esports Summit because of their capabilities for marketing and programming support. VY Esports also brings clothing brand American Eagle as the primary and presenting event sponsor. American Eagle will be exclusively sponsoring panels that focus on gaming and esports industry lifestyle opportunities.

“We are excited to build our presence within the growing gaming community and be a part of its impact on culture,” said Ashley Schapiro, Vice President of Global Brand Acquisition, American Eagle. “With the help of innovation and technology, which are inherent to our brand DNA, we look forward to partnering with UPROXX and VY Esports to connect with both existing and new audiences through this shared passion.”

Thanks to the growth of the esports industry, more and more brands seek ways to enter. Now that companies realize the potential of this untapped youth market, it’s no surprise American Eagle is making its first move in esports.

The EDGE Esports Summit takes place on Saturday, July 25, from 12 PM PT to 5 PM PT. Interested fans can watch the event from the EDGE website, Gamestop’s Twitch channel, or UPROXX’s Twitch channel.

Written by Justin Amin

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