Advanced VALORANT Sage Guide


As the original healer, sentinel Agent Sage is one the best defensive players on a VALORANT squad. Her ability to both close off and open important areas on maps is second to none, and her healing is one of her most crucial aspects. This advanced VALORANT guide will show players the best way to use Sage and her defensive utility.

Sage holds sites pretty well on her own but matches better with one or more agents alongside her. To know how to best use her, players must understand her role as a Sentinel and know how to play with a team.

Sage’s signature ability, Healing Orb, costs nothing but teammates must be in range and line-of-sight to receive it. To use her signature, she must have line-of-sight with her allies in range. She can also heal herself with the alternate fire key. Sage heals about 60 health points over time so players should keep a lookout for enemies while healing since they’re still in danger.

She can heal about twice in a longer round. If the enemy looks for quick kills, the chance to heal more than one of her teammates is lowered substantially. If a bomb plant is initiated, players may have the chance to heal a third time, but it is highly unlikely.

Barrier orb builds a wall with 4 sections wherever the player is looking. A small line lights up on the screen to know where the wall will be placed once the fire button is hit. Alternate fire can rotate the wall 90 degrees.

The best placement for Sage walls on defense is typically the mid portions of the map or in doorways where enemies are likely to push. The wall lasts up to 40 seconds and has 800 hp per section. Although it starts with 400 hp for the initial few seconds. Placing the wall is important as Sage can use this to occasionally guide enemies elsewhere since one path is blocked off.

On attack, Sage’s wall is best used to close off different sides of sites in order to safely plant the spike. If a player wants to get cheeky with the wall, they can boost themselves or another agent up to get swift vertical peeks. Sage is great for sneaky plays like this or to create forced entry points that are hard to see around.

One such spot is in the garage on B site of Ascent. Players can use Sage’s wall on the ultimate orb crate to overlook the windows for an unexpected peek into the site and market door. While holding B site defensively on Bind, Sage can wall off hookah and hop onto the crate in the middle. This gives players perfect headshots just past the top of the wall.

For 200 credits, Sage can buy two orbs each lasting 7 seconds upon hitting a floor and slowing anyone who walks through, including herself. The ice patch even makes a crunching sound when players move through unless they slowly walk instead.

Slow Orb also excels in middle areas of maps where enemies are likely to push, like A short on Haven. Bouncing the orb off walls allows for more placements and angles that may otherwise be too difficult to land.

The best place to slow is on the stairs in mid on Split, where players cut through to B heaven or vents. Slow is great to hold onto for flanks and areas where enemies are known to cut through such as defender spawn entryways or common flank areas. Another great location to stop a flanker from cutting through is A short on Haven.

Once Sage gains 7 ultimate points, she can resurrect one of her allies to full health in a round. To cast the ability, the player’s crosshairs must be over a dead teammate’s body before pressing the fire key. Note that the revived player does not come back with armor. Because there is a brief pause before a resurrected teammate can move and shoot. Enemies can take advantage of this pause and down the player who just revived. To deter this, Sage can use her wall to block off the enemy and get the player to safety.

VALORANT Agent Sage can be a deadly force of advanced power and dangerous positioning as she guides players to victory. Enemies beware, this agent is not one to leave as the sole survivor.

Written by Alana Thompson

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