41 Universities participate in Rocket League EGF’s Power Series

Now more than ever, esports is an excellent way to create excitement for fans. It is especially the case for universities that can not rely on what they usually do. This is why the Electronic Gaming Federation’s Power Series, a Rocket League university esports tournament, has been organized.

The Popularity of University Events

It is known that, all around the country, there are countless fans following National Collegiate Athletic Association events. For example, in 2019, 19.6 million people were watching the game between Virginia and Texas Tech. However, because of the COVID-19 situation, more and more live competitions can not proceed. Right now, one of the only ways for universities to compete against each other is esports tournaments. Players can compete from home and fans can enjoy their performances at home while social distancing.

Image Credit to EGF Twitter

EGF’s Power Series

The EGF Power Series is a Rocket League online tournament. Forty-one American universities will bring a team of three players. These 123 players are going to compete in order to bring glory to their home university. This event is watchable on Twitch from April 20 to May 10. The qualifying rounds last until May 6.

The Washington State University esports team participation is already confirmed. It is one of the favorites to win this tournament thanks to their experience. Thanks to their four hundred members, they have a very difficult selection process. This team has ranked third in EFG’s Power Five Invitational. Other teams participating include Florida State University, University of Illinois, Louisiana State University, Ole Miss, and more.

Like in sport, universities are a good place for young talents to shine and gain experience. These tournaments might be an occasion for big teams to scout new players in order to fortify their rosters. It is also an efficient way to take esports to a whole new level.

Image Credit to EGF Twitter

Written by Charles FUSTER

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