13 RLCS teams drafted a letter to Psyonix to list complaints

Every esports scene isn’t perfect. Tournaments and league organizers have to deal with everyone’s wishes and it is not an easy task. If you add to this the existence of social media and the impact of it on a company’s image, it can become a nightmare. Throughout the year, fans have seen many complaints from teams or players on games they are competing on. As a matter of fact, this week, Fortnite players’ have been complaining about the FNCS format and how it is badly impacting the game. When it comes to Rocket League and its Championship Series, thirteen teams have decided to draft a letter to Psyonix containing complaints about the current state of the RLCS. Among those teams, big names of the industry like Mousesports or G2 esports showcase the importance of this letter

RLCS Slots Given to Organizations

As stated in the rules, RLCS slots are locked to a roster of players. It does not seem like much at first glance but this has a huge impact on how teams are handling the situation. Players, knowing that they are essentials for the team to compete, have the power. This environment is always putting teams at risk about their investment. Even though teams are now obligated to take care of their players, some of them may face a difficult situation in the future. Without a doubt, players can use this situation to force teams to comply with their demands. In this case, a refusal would mean losing the RLCS slot. The letter stated that Psyonix should transfer ownership RLCS spot to the teams for control reasons.

Image credits to Psyonix

Complete autonomy

The set of RLCS rules also states that Psyonix is not responsible for any of the teams’ financial well-being. This obviously means that there is not any form of team governance from Psyonix. Teams have to secure their return on investment themselves. In the letter, fans can find a complaint about this situation. All thirteen teams agreed that Psyonix should provide some form of recognition and opportunity to secure their investment. Partnering with the developer by making in-game content to diversify their sources of income can also be found as a solution proposed in the complaint letter.

Image credits to Psyonix

RLCS Complaint about Schedule

Having a schedule that is prepared enough in advance means that teams can take responsibility for creating their own events in between obligations. Being left in the dark means that future plans can not be made. A lack of clear communication about the schedule is preventing RLCS teams from having a clear environment to work.

When thirteen teams have agreed to the same complaints, it is definitely enough for Psyonix to take it seriously. However, fans and teams need to question themselves about why those rules were created. There may be some reasons for the creations of these rules. Only time will tell if this letter will be enough for Psyonix to make any real changes.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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