0.18.0 Update date leaked for PUBG Mobile

As PUBG Mobile season 13 will start in May, leaks of the new 0.18.0 update have appeared online. April 24 should be the date when this update will be available. It will bring two new game modes and a new version of Miramar. This update should weight a little bit over 2GB. Players can find all information regarding this update here.

Big Additions

This 0.18.0 PUBG Mobile update showcase a new game mode called Safety Scramble. It will be accessible on the Evolab for players to experience. The goal of Safety Scramble is to prevent players from camping by adding a new blue zone. Depending on the state of the game, the zone will either drain players’ health or granting them a safe zone. This addition should incite players to always be moving.

Minor Changes

Some minor and esthetic changes have been made like new results screens, training mode, and achievements

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